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Elena Vaninetti is an art curator, writer and consultant based in Milano (IT). 
After studying Sciences and Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Milano Statale University, she embarked on a photography career, first as a photographer and later as an independent curator.
She has been managing editor for YET magazine from 2012 to 2020. She is part of Twenty14 cultural organization and curator duo active in Milano since 2014, with whom currently directs Pananti Atelier art space.
She works as consultant and educator holding workshops, lectures and portfolio reviews.  She writes for international magazines and art publications. 

Elena is available on commission as a freelance writer, editor and curator for a wide range of image based projects. 

Exhibition text
"The First March of Gentlemen"  Rafal Milach
Fonderia 20.9 Verona (IT) 

Exhibition text
"Anche queste fidate cose ti saranno in eterno ignote" Achille Filipponi
Mucho Mas Torino (IT)

Artist text 
"The body is a revelation as is landscape" Sofia Masini

"Some of you have killed Luisa" Valeria Cherchi
YET magazine Issue 12

Book review
"I can't stand to see you cry" Rahim Fortune
Paper Journal digital Issue

"ODE: an exploration of the dynamics of female friendship" Melissa Schriek
Pellicola magazine

"Identity and womanhood" Varya Kozhevnikova
Pellicola magazine


Panel Talk at PHmuseum Days
A new beginning: What we have learnt about publishing
Bologna, Italy

Show&Tell monthly group review
Online / Milano, Italy

Portfolio reviewer at Futures Conversations

Workshop at Presence Festival / Foto Department
Self Organised: cross disciplinary practice in curatorial projects.
St. Petersburg, Russia

Panel talk at The Art Chapter book fair
Independent magazines
Milano, IT

Coordinator / Lecturer  
Symposium: Curating Photography
YET Magazine + Parallel Platform
Milano, IT

Workshop at Twenty14
Elevator Pitch: How to present your work.

Teacher at Officine Fotografiche 
Photography Critique
Milano, Italy

Guest lecturer at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia
Visual culture: Light and Color in contemporary art.
Milano, Italy

Lecture with Achille Filipponi at IED - Visible festival
Image is Frail 
Torino, IT

Portfolio reviewer at Les Rencontres d'Arles, Voice Off
Arles, France

Workshop at Twenty14 with YET magazine
Editing and Photo-book making
Milano, Italy

Invited expert and portfolio reviewer at ISSP Summer School
Pelci, Latvia

Portfolio reviewer at FotoPub festival
Novo Mesto, Slovenja

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