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Art curatorwriter and consultant based in Italy

Recent writings

with Melissa Schreik
for Pellicola magazine

A conversation about Schreik ongoing project ODE: an exploration on the dynamics of female friendship. An attempt to depict women alliance, affection and sisterhood through a series of young women’s portraits.

Artist Text
"The body is a revelation as is the landscape" by Sofia Masini

Playing with layers, cuts and changes of scenery, Sofia Masini designs an imaginary and timeless place, where the body becomes the guide of an infinite map of correspondences between internal sensitivity and the external world.

Book review
"I can't stand to see you cry"
by Rahim Fortune for Paper Journal

Even if the point of view remains personal throughout the entire body of work, it is not limited to a singular struggle. Instead, Fortune uses photography to depict communal issues such as racial inequality and welfare disparity. 

Ancora 1


“Abglanz - The house of cards” is a site specific open air installation project developed with artist Alina Frieske for the festival Images Gibellina.

On show: August 2021

Sistema delle Piazze, Gibellina (TP)

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